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"…the guy at the liquor store knows Jeff’s name and says, "see you tomorrow," because he probably will."-Austin Harris



"…the guy at the liquor store knows Jeff’s name and says, "see you tomorrow," because he probably will."

-Austin Harris

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Alien: Isolation is my GOTY (so far).

I’ll write up a better review some time in the near future, but for now I hope my word is good enough.

Nothing has had the atmosphere, the music, the feeling of eventual success, and the overwhelming stress/fun of this game in 2014.

Play it, motherfuckers.

(Or watch LPs)

P.S. I’m so emotionally exhausted from the game that I am unable to play some other new releases, for now.

We weren’t allowed to use Star Wars merchandise during the first series because The Phantom Menace was about to come out and they clamped down. When they saw how Star Wars-loving the first series was, they actually came to us and said we could have anything we want. By which time we were like, “We don’t fucking want it.” - Simon Pegg


anonymous asked: Sherlock Holmes or Malcolm Tucker

If you enjoy Capaldi on DW, watch The Thick of It.

What editing software and programs do you use to edit MLAndersen? also the latest video was damn good!

Austin uses Sony Vegas, though the last video was done by me with Windows Movie Maker. Just had to add in a sound bit and voila!

Ive already asked Jeff Koval this, but both of my Slenderman and Rake-inspired demon series's are ABSOLUTE SHIT and are possibly going nowhere, so, any advice?

Innovate. Everything is getting stale and has been for some time, so make it your own in every single way that you can, even if it’s just a gimmick. Find your own groove and fuck what everyone else has done.

dylan oh my god your voice got deeper

I stopped huffing helium. Dogs can’t hear my voice anymore.

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